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What makes a real bodhrán? It is a great question, in fact it is the most important question every bodhrán player, new or seasoned, asks themselves when choosing to purchase one. 

For me, for 34 years I have researched, tinkered and hammered away trying to figure what exactly makes a great bodhrán beat. You could say I made it my mission. This is what I have found:

Obviously, you've guessed it, the skin is the most important part. I notice the different tones no problem of course, but we've done blind tests here, and the results are staggering. Even non-bodhran players can tell the difference a mile away. It's that obvious. There is a huge difference in sound between a properly made bodhran and poorly made bodhrán, so take your time choosing where you buy yours. Hand-cured and hand stretched, properly conditioned and treated (without the use of chemicals) goatskin wins every single time.  So it is no wonder goat skin compared to synthetic drum heads, lemo, kangaroo, grayhound and deer skin has stood the test of time and continues to be the skin of choice for real bodhrán makers the world over... Read More

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