What Oils Should I Use On My Bodhrán? 9 moisturisers for when your drum is dry.

There are many safe moisturisers you can use and it is best to avoid those with too many chemicals. The skin will only need any of these if it becomes dry, like looking after your hands.   Silcox is the base for moisturisers with nothing added. It will make the skin as smooth as silk. Rub it on the outside of the skin. Vasaline petroleum jelly; usually if you can use...

Do Bodhráns Die? And What Can Be Done About It?

It has been mentioned to me, and also I have noticed it on a few online discussion boards, people claiming that some bodhráns don't last too long, or "die" to use a more dramatic term.  I have had a number of bodhráns in for re-skinning because the player claims that the skin has gone too soft, I must say that I did not make these drums but usually this just happens when the...
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