Bodhrán Beaters (For Beginners)

The most popular sizes and designs are ribbed, bulbous, split, tipper, brush, fiddle bow and the one thing they have in common is they are all used to beat the bodhrán. Beaters can be from 5" long to 11" and this outside measurement is not definitive. Ronán Ó Snodaigh of Kíla uses a long bent willow-like stick that could be up 24" long and uses it very effectively indeed. They...

The Best Bodhrán Drums to Buy?

  What makes a real bodhrán? It's a great question, in fact it is the most important question every bodhrán player, new or seasoned, asks themselves when choosing to purchase one.  If you would like to see my bodhráns for sale you can visit my store by clicking HERE For me, for 34 years I have researched, tinkered and hammered away trying to figure what exactly makes a great bodhrán beat. You...
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