Celtic Bodhrán With Green Celtic Knot Design


The interlacing lines of the Celtic Knot stands for "no beginning, no ending, the continuity of everlasting love and the binding together of two souls or spirits". Christianity has embraced much of the ancient Celtic symbolism and has adapted many Celtic knots into high crosses and illuminated manuscripts. Celtic knots date back to the 5th century and were used by ancient illuminated manuscripts such as the Book of Kells and the Book of Durrow.

This is a great quality 12" bodhrán and comes with a beater, a tutorial DVD (all regions) and is made by McNeela Music


USA & CANADA (5 - 7 days)

EUROPE (3 - 4 days)

UK (2 days)

IRELAND (Next Day)

THE REST OF THE WORLD (5 - 7 days) 

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