The Ultimate 16" Deep Rim Rosewood Tuneable Bodhrán Set

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The Ultimate 16" Deep Rim Tuneable Rosewood Bodhrán Set

This 16" Deep Rim Tuneable Rosewood Bodhrán comes with the following free accessories for a limited time only; everything you need to learn the bodhrán and advance quickly:

  • Whipper Tipper
  • Cocuswood Bristle Beater
  • Brush Beater 
  • Retractable Nylon Brush Beater
  • Fiddle Bow Beater
  • Double Ribbed Bodhrán Beater
  • Weighted Pencil Bodhrán Tipper, Taped
  • Bulbous Bodhrán Beater
  • Pencil Tipper
  • Clave
  • Bones
  • Canvas Bodhrán Gig Bag
  • The Irish Drum 'An Bodhrán' Book by Peter Houlahan
  • 'Bodhrán Basics' CD & Book by Steáfán Hannigan. "The most comprehensive package of traditional music tuition ever"  
  • DrumDiddly Premium Bodhrán Moisturising Cream

About the Bodhrán

This 16" Tuneable Deep-Rim Rosewood Bodhrán, by Paraic McNeela, is made with patience, passion and precision. When you play it, you'll hear that deep, mellow, resonating bass tone, only achieved from a quality, crafted drum. Since 1979 we have been improving and perfecting how we make our bodhráns, everything from tone, construction and design, to create a professional bodhrán that today has an unrivalled name among the world's top bodhráns.

Key Points:

  • Has an unparalleled sound and is iconic within the industry.
  • Features our McNeela tuning system plus Allen key - allowing for flexible tonal control so you can produce the perfect sound every time.
  • Rim Depth of 6.5" (165mm) and thickness of 0.4" (10 mm)
  • Comes taped around the edges for a deep bass effect.
  • Comes with Bodhrán Basics Book and CD by Steáfán Hannigan
  • Comes with the new DrumDiddly Bodhrán Cream  


As you probably know or have already guessed, yes, the skin is the most important part of the bodhrán. That's why we only use the best goat skins. Our skins are sustainably sourced, carefully selected and examined for quality. They produce great depth of sound and are easy to tune. We've done many blind tests and the results are staggering. Even non-bodhrán players can tell the difference between a good quality skin and a poor one - it's that obvious. Our skins are naturally hand-cured in lime, which gives that all-important bass tone, then 'pickled' to close up the pores and finally stretched and left to sun dry, achieving a lovely clean 'bleached' finish. We recommend loosening your bodhrán after each play to keep the skin in optimum condition.

“Whatever way Paraic cures them and treats them, I can get everything I want out of them. There’s a lovely sound to them.” - Jim Woods


All of Paraic’s bodhráns come with taped skin to help achieve that gorgeous McNeela bass sound. Inspired by drummers using E-rings on their drum kits to dampen the tone, Paraic found that taping the outer rim of the skin lowered the tone of the bodhrán and extended its harmonic range. Taping your bodhrán helps bring about a more harmonic overtone-to-basic tone relation and consequently a more melodic quality to the sound produced. In other words, it helps the bodhrán sound more like a musical instrument and ensures you'll always be welcome at a session!

Good to Know:

  • 14 day money back guarantee from the day you receive the bodhrán.
  • 100% refundable including shipping (for any reason, just return it up to 14 days from when you receive the bodhrán). 
  • 1 year guarantee (this is very important when considering who to buy your bodhrán from).
  • If purchased before 12pm (Monday-Friday), it is shipped the same business day.
  • Low Cost Priority Shipping - Anywhere In The World.  


USA & CANADA (5 - 7 days)

EUROPE (3 - 4 days)

UK (2 days)

IRELAND (Next Day)

THE REST OF THE WORLD (5 - 7 days)

Not sure which bodhrán is for you? Give me a call and I'll help you choose! Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm 087-2569672

From outside Ireland +353 18322432

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